A Day With a Mannequin

When I first got this book:

I could have sworn that Picasso was sitting next to a mannequin, but alas, I was mistaken. My error in judgement increased my interest in drawing this intriguing looking woman:

Her name is Emilienne Paquerette Geslot, by the way…

In the photo, taken in 1916 by Jean Cocteau, M. Paquerette was 20 years old and worked as an actress and model. I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising considering that nearly 100 years later, her looks are still striking though be it in an odd way.

She was one of  the principal models for the designer Paul Poiret and also for his sister Germaine Bongard. At the time the picture was taken she was romantically linked with Picasso, but later married Alexandre-Raymound Barrieu. Barrieu who was discouraged by his father  from becoming a poet, became a well-known cardiologist instead. Seems like a fair trade.

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