Less Impressive in March

snowing in march

Oh Man(atee)!

This guy is always losing things!

This guy is always losing things!

A Second Opinion

The other day I was about about to put mousse in my hair and noticed that the can said “America’s #1 Mousse”. Not everyone agrees.


And You’re Glue

rubber leaf and band

A study of items on my desk.

A Continuation…part 2

First I posted my drawings that I did on rugs from the Restoration¬†Hardware¬†catalog, then I followed that up with watercolors inspired by the initial drawings. Here is a continuation of that series, yet again…

ink and diamonds-web ink and circles-web

The Fog Has Lifted

Here is a second version of the same poppies I posted back in November. This time there no fog and I used watercolor and ink…

watercolor poppies_web

Icelandic Fence?

I based this painting on a photo I saw of a yellow rapeseed field. I was drawn to the extensive fields of yellow and green being separated by a fence. When I showed this painting to a friend of mine who did an artist residency in Iceland, she said it reminded her of the landscapes she saw there. Since I don’t know where this place is, I think I shall think of it as Iceland.

a fence in Iceland_web


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